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Daniel Donahoo

GeekDad, Husband, Writer, Producer, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Blogger

Dan and LiamDaniel Donahoo engages across a diverse range of spaces, with different organisations and communities, using a broad suite of skills and tools.

Daniel’s core interest is in the third sector: with education, communities, social enterprise, health and disability. Increasingly, that work often relates to the point where people and organisations intersect with technology. This is a point where there is current and ongoing tension. Consequently, it is a space where discussion and work around change, evolution and improvement are had. Daniel has a depth of experience and values having these conversations.

Daniel recognises that change is hard. He values those who create and make things and is continually striving to be a contributor in his own life. He understands the importance of respectful and transparent relationships in all aspects of life.

Daniel’s favourite film continues to be The Princess Bride. When pushed, he tends towards the romantic.


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APRIL 2014

Start of the year?

The year has been fantastically busy to start with..including a new baby and a new house. Much fun.

I have been doing work for the Reach Foundation, State Library of Victoria & Kids Own Publishing. And, this week saw the delivery of the Homing Ducks Project and speaking at the Young Learners Congress.

Looking forward to more great projects…



Contributing Editor at New Media Consortium

The New Media Consortium have given me a role as a contributing editor for 2014.

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Spring is here. And so are some great projects.

As spring beings to surface in this part of the world, it has been exciting to see a few projects also shoot up into the public arena.

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Speaking at ABC Splash Live

On Friday 13th September I will be speaking at ABC Splash Live: Digital Ideas for the Classroom.

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Lovely to be a part of @sharing_ink

Sharing Ink is a Guerrilla Kindness work by public artist Sayraphim Lothian. She invited me to inscribe one of the journals. Here are my thoughts…

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working with words

Daniel works with words. Molding, shaping and pounding away at them is his trade. He has been known to wield them in anger, in romance, in hope and in vain.

Written. Spoken. Recorded. Edited. Published. Short and long.

In stories. In books. In articles. In tenders. In proposals. In policies and procedures. In poetry. In stories. In ideas.

You will find Daniel’s most recent writings in the news section of the site.

Other works include:


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