How Daniel can engage with your organisation
Learning & Development

Daniel offers a suite of training and development packages for teachers and educators from early years to secondary. He can also speak and engage with students and parents around technology, games and play.

Advisory & Strategy

Daniel can work with leadership teams and working groups to help you think through the approach you want to take in implementing technology, improving the quality and purpose of how you are using technology or building a strategy to best integrate technology into learning environments.

In Practice

Daniel offers a range of short and medium term learning experiences for students that he delivers in collaboration with staff. These experiences are driven by Daniel’s approach and philosophy which emphasis technology as a tool for play, exploration and creativity through which we learn.

About Daniel

Author. Researcher. Facilitator.

Daniel Donahoo is the Director of Project Synthesis, an ideas consultancy whose work is driven by play, technology and narrative. Daniel is the author books on children, family, media and technology “Idolising Children” and (co-author)“Adproofing Your Kids” and writes and blogs regularly on the topics of technology, children, education and families.

He has developed alternate reality games that teach students the foundations of Chinese for Melbourne University, developed iPad apps with Bell Shakespeare to engage primary school students in the Bard and works with schools, government agencies and not-for-profits on projects that explore social innovation, play-based learning and connection.

Daniel is a well regarded speaker, facilitator and provocateur interested in supporting children and young people to learn how best to use technology in ways that support their learning and development. His professional development sessions are rich in stories and practical advice. They will entertain and educate in equal measure.


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