Speaking at ABC Splash Live:

Posted by on Sep 03 2013, in events, speaking


On Friday 13th September I will be speaking at ABC Splash Live: Digital Ideas for the Classroom.

This event brings together some of the best in local thinking and ideas about learning, technology, games and more. I am really please that Annabel Astbury and her team have focussed on the quality of education professionals that are working in this space in Australia to share what they know. So often we bring out international guests and have them speak to projects or work they are doing that doesn’t sit within the context of Australia and our own education systems and approaches to learning. We have people doing excellent thinking and making and producing and teaching in this space. Let us continue to celebrate them and learn from them – I know I do, I consider them my friends and colleagues who help me to continue to push and question and learn.

Registration is free, and might still be open…