In Practice

The Story Trader ARG

Daniel’s “In Practice” works are purposefully designed experiences run in classrooms for all ages. This offers a chance for teachers, staff and students to learn through the modelling of a project as Daniel operates as a co-facilitator on each project. The projects are focussed on using play, technology and stories as a way of facilitating agency for students and help them guide a project, often where the final outcome is not clearly apparent at the beginning. Part project-based, part-inquiry, with dollops of game-based and play-based learning Daniel’s unique approaches will bring unexpected and rewarding results for your learning community.

Examples of Daniel’s work includes:

Learning Labs (primary and secondary)

Daniel comes to your classroom or school with a new piece of technology or digitial tool (often provided in beta form by a technology company) and through a partially planned and partially emergent experience the students team with Daniel to develop a project using the piece of technology and any other tools they have with them in the classroom. This has resulted in secondary school students building a robot out of junk with a programmed iPad artificial intelligent head through to primary students developing an entire story and website around a robotic ball that wanted to grow a moustache.

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EduARG design and delivery

Daniel has worked through his company Project Synthesis on the design and development of alternate reality games with clients like University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, Education Services Australia and National Institute of Dramatic Arts to design story-driven learning experiences that exist in the classroom, online and through actors, videos and secret notes. All of these tools lead to a rich learning experience that is┬ádriven by students, engaging and fun.

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Bespoke Narrative and Play Experiences (all ages)

Drawing on his roleplaying and storytelling background Daniel designs and delivers tailor-made story expeirences for groups of all ages. From turning kindergartens into pirate ships through to teaching global politics to Year 11s through participating the the story of Moogle, a future organisation who seeks to challenge the sovereignty of nations by seeking people pledge allegiance and citizen ship to their empire built on internet domination Daniel bring imaginative stories to life in classrooms and communities without the need for expensive or delicate props, simple the power of a good story and the ability to wield it.

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