Early Years

The PLAY Book

A trained early childhood professional, Daniel’s training sessions in the early years come from an appreciation and understanding of theories and play and are driven by research and practice exploring what that means for children in the twenty-first century. He offers a measured and purposeful approach to using technology in early years learning environments.


Digital technology and early years

In this workshop Daniel works with your team to consider the importance of offering judicious and appropriate play-based learning experiences using technology in early learning environments. It is an opportunity to unpack the opportunities and challenges that come with incorporating new technologies for children to use in the program. The session will include content about how to use technology with children for a range of purposes and offer a breadth of practical examples for those at all levels of experience with digital technology. (General audience, 1.5hours)

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How can I use tech & tablets in early years

A hands on three hour session where Daniel gives a context for the use of technology in the early years through demonstrations and hands-on activities where people share apps, explore how to use tablets, projectors, cameras and digital microscopes in play-based learning environments. The focus will be to support participants to bring their play-based and child development theory to developing and designing experiences for children using technology. (Practice focus, 2-3 hours)

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Screens, children & managing IT together

A dynamic information session with facilitated discussion/Q&A for parents to help them understand the latest research and thinking related to children and technology. Daniel also provides a range of strategies parents can use to not just manage screen time, but also how parents can support children’s learning and development with technology. This session will leave parents feeling empowered and more secure in the role technology should play in young children’s lives. (For parents, 1-1.5 hours)

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