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Daniel’s professional development sessions for primary teachers is driven by his own work and practice in the development and design of learning experiences for primary students, he offers new perspectives on being adaptable and spontaneous within curriculum and learning frameworks. Participants build skills and knowledge around how they can use play-based and experiential models of learning using both digital and non-digital technologies.


Emergent practice: planning and teaching in the moment

In this session for primary teachers Daniel talks through the process and practice of leveraging off intentional teaching moments to help scaffold students learning in the fly. This session is aimed at strengthening teachers skills and capacity in teaching project-based, inquiry and other modern learning practices. Daniel will share examples and ideas that will allow teachers to improve the way they pose questions, support students to connect ideas and foster 21st century skills in ways that require no specific planning or preparation. (Primary teachers, 2-3 hours)

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Piaget, Play & Techology: Bringing play-based learning to primary

What role does play and games have in a primary learning environment? Daniel takes participants on a journey through play-based learning theory and see how it applies to today’s classroom where tablets, Minecraft and inquiry and student led learning approaches are becoming more commonplace. From Montessori to Piaget and Reggio Emilia, Daniel will look at how you can align curriculum with play-based approaches and in doing so improve student engagement and outcomes.(Primary teachers, 2-3 hours)

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