Retro computing

These sessions Daniel offers to secondary schools are targeted at students and their parents, with a specific focus on games and technology in the lives of young people. Drawing on his own experiences, research and raising of four young men Daniel offers students and parents ideas and insist how to build capacity in managing and using technology in ways that support learning, well-being and resilience.


Games, consoles and how we play

In this interactive and engaging presentation, Daniel and the students will share their passion and experience with computer games. Students develop an understanding of the types of games they play, how different games offer them different experiences. Daniel discusses the motivations behind why we play video games, and how to make better decisions about what we play and when we play. At the core of this session is helping students understand how playing computer games makes us feel and impact on our health and well-being in both positive and negative ways. The aim is to develop some skills and knowledge that help us make better decisions about the way we play and how we include video games in our lives. (Students, 50-60min)

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Games, tech and our children

Parents attending this presentation will gain a better understanding of the rich and vibrant world of video game culture. They will get an insight of what video games mean in the lives of children and young people today and how far young people’s engagement extends beyond the controller in their hands. Daniel will share a range of experiences and approaches related to where technology is located in the house, how to engage with your children about the games they are playing and how to have the conversations about the impact and role video games have in the lives of families and the individuals within them. Through this research-rich and productive presentation parents will come away with less guilt and feel empowered about how they can best engage with their children about video games and technology in their household. (Parents, 1.5 hours)

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