This page offers a range of video and audio that represent Daniel’s presenting style and serve as a reference for the messages he offers in regards to children and young people, learning and technology.

Technology and Toddlers

Daniel Donahoo discusses how preschool kids take to iPads with remarkable ease on CNN International


Literacy, apps and digital tools

Daniel talks with Tony Wilson about the role technology and apps can play in the development of children’s literacy.

Games for Learning: ABC’s EdPod

Daniel discusses the use of games for learning with ABC’s Annabel Astbury

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The Cult of LEGO: Radio National’s FutureTense

Daniel is part of a conversation about LEGO, especially as a tool for learning.

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Early Childhood Professionals: Technology needs you!

Daniel makes his pitch for why it is important for early childhood professionals to better understand the role of technology in children’s learning and development.

Setting up Guided Access on iPads

Daniel explains how to set up guided access to lock the home button at Early Childhood Australia’s #Livewires Conference


Digital Play Beyond Screens

Daniel’s presentation to the inaugural Games for Change: Australia conference. The focus is on the use of games and play for learning and development.


Educators help parents make technology choices

Daniel explains the important role of educators in helping parents navigate technology with their children


Shaping Knowledge Cities: Radio National (Live Panel Discussion)

Daniel discusses the future of cities from a technology and learning perspective.

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