Daniel Donahoo

Producer in Melbourne, Australia

“In a world continuously presenting unique challenges and ambiguity, play prepares us for an evolving planet”

Daniel creates things. He finds ideas. He brings together teams of creative people. Together, they create things that impact the world in a positive way. Daniel knows he is not the sole author of his victories, he tries to remember it is the same for his defeats.

Things Daniel has helped create

Idolising Children(New South, 2007) is Daniel's first book on the importance of honouring and respecting childhood. [link]

Bluey Series 3 Educational Took Kitprovides a host of resources for the early childhood and primary sectors through Bluey. [link]

In Real Life is a co-designed online safety video resource developed with a team of 12-19 year olds. [link]

By Gamers, For Gamersis an advocacy and education program about healthy video game use. [link 1] [link 2]

In Bb 2.0 is a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived [link]

The Dragon Collective Trilogy is a 3-part alternate reality game designed to teach foundations of the Chinese language [link].

Starting Shakespeare, an app that introduces the bard to middle years students. [link]

Lego Poetry, playful words. [link]

This Digital Home, an ethnographic study on technology use in the home. [link]

Media Literacy Labis a playful, narrative-driven media literacy resource for Australian secondary schools. [link]

Playing IT Safe is a resource to support teaching pre-schools digital literacy. [link]

EWF's Digital Writers' Festival,Australia's first digital writer's festival [link]

The Story Traderis a placed-based eduARG that teaches upper primary school students the art of storytelling [link]

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